Month: September 2011

Islands in the Net by Bruce Sterling: Forgotten Science Fiction classic

This book is visionary.  Okay, we don’t have personal watch-phones; we have personal phone-watches instead.  Big deal.

The trajectory of this book, the whiff of cynicism, menace, strangeness, and internationalism, and its arguments about power are still relevant and can still explain whole swaths of the world as it looks today. (more…)


Marshall McLuhan’s unmediated faith

by Bill Baker & Evan Leatherwood

by permission from The Catholic Herald, where this piece originally appeared.

Marshall McLuhan, who coined “global village” and “the medium is the message,” and who predicted the internet and the rise of social media, was born a century ago this past July.  He is considered one of the 20th century’s intellectual giants.  Along with Marx, Freud, and Darwin, McLuhan is one of those rare thinkers with a persuasive “theory of everything.”  He was also a devout Catholic, who taught almost exclusively at Catholic universities and attended mass nearly every day of his adult life. (more…)