Why you are paying too much for Internet access, the TV version!

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 4.01.19 PM

Watch! As I thoughtfully nod while the brilliant Susan Crawford exposes the secret, exploitive landscape of paid Internet access in the US.

Marvel! At the pink tie I somehow chose to wear for the interview.

Revel! in the well manicured state of my beard.

Behind the scenes info: Susan and I were both musicians while undergraduates at Yale. She was a violinist for the Yale Symphony Orchestra and I sang with The Whiffenpoofs.  So together, we could perform beautiful music about the woeful state of America’s under-regulated media business.



  1. Bill seemed very proud to introduce you. Interesting topic, the Internet being compared to water and electricity use, the failing infrastructure within the crumbling infrastructure.

  2. I liked your tie a lot. I also thought what you guys were talking about was really informative; it’s a topic that I’m stunned isn’t explored more thoroughly in the media.

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