From the Commonplace Book: Annie Dillard

Before private libraries and long before the invention of the search function, people used to copy important passages into notebooks called “commonplace books.” I’m not so old fashioned that I keep a written one, but I do have a tag in my files called commonplace book. I click on it for inspiration, so I thought I’d share some of the quotes with you, in the hopes you’ll be similarly inspired.

I read this quote years ago in The Artists Way by Julia Cameron and it has echoed in my mind ever since. It’s less of an inspiration and more of a challenge. We all carry a vision of our future selves with us, usually one that’s better off than we are today, one with more purpose from day to day, more money, more fulfillment, etc. And somehow the days we live, or are forced to live, never quite seem to add up to that future self, do they?

To me, this quote is about the small heralding of big things. Relationships are nourished and great ambitions are shaped one day, one hour, one minute at a time.

What will you do with the next one?


  1. Annie Dillard is one of my favorite authors.
    I also have the book The Artist Way in which
    I have highlighted many quotes.
    Today’s post has inspired me to revisit
    Julia Cameron’s book.
    These days inspiration is hard to find.

  2. My inability to forgive myself, the hatred I have for those in power has chained me to a dark place and taken away my freedom to feel inspired. I do see a glimmer of light and grace. Just not today.

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