Copy critique: When you ride ALONE you ride with Hitler!

Here’s another gem from the FDR presidential library and museum in Hyde Park. It’s an effective pair of headline and call-to-action, the kind we’d still discuss creating today. And the rhetoric itself is something you might recognize from ads to raise awareness of climate change, or advocate car pooling.

Eleven words of copy. One ghost Hitler. All you need to change hearts and minds.


  1. My partner had this image pinned to his inspiration board in our studio. It has a place in my memory palace. A testament to the power of propaganda. Also known as “weapons on the walls” Rosie the Riveter
    is perhaps the most famous image to come out ofWW2. The poster wasn’t used much in the war and was rediscovered in 1980s. Today this icon represents feminism and women’s power. The women posing was a factory employee named
    Geraldine Hoff.

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