C.S. Lewis

From the Commonplace Book: Begin It Now

C. S. Lewis says this many times in many different ways throughout his writing, and I cannot hear it enough. Life’s most remarkable journeys begin as interruptions. Our most cherished creations start as distractions or rush jobs. Our most important relationships begin even when we feel like we cannot trust, or are too tired to welcome new people into our lives.

Have a great weekend, everybody. Get out there and do something worthy.

From the Commonplace Book: C. S. Lewis on His Idea of Fun

As I get more comfortable in my early middle age–I will be 40 in 2019–I am more honest about the pleasures that suit me. I feel less obligation to conform to what other people think of as fun, like loud music, loud movies, television, dancing, heavy foods, or artificially altered states of mind. If my deepest pleasures resemble those of an old lady or a frumpy British writer of the last century, I don’t care. Like a long soak in a hot bath, another activity which I no longer blush to devote whole afternoons to, giving into the sensation is a deep relief.

This quote pretty much sums up my ideal Saturday and Sunday. And I fully intend to follow through on it, as much as my work and social obligations will allow.

Have a great weekend everybody. I hope you do what pleases you.