Saturday Book Review

Saturday Book Review: FEED by M. T. Anderson

Feed(novel)FEED is the story of a group of teenagers in a future where something like a combination of Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon can be implanted directly into everyone’s brain.  We follow Titus, the narrator, and his friends through a world where the only thing not on the verge of extinction is relentless consumption fueled by ubiquitous advertising.  On the moon, Titus meets a quirky girl who questions the feed, and their relationship becomes the center of the story.

FEED is fast-paced, brilliantly written young adult science fiction.  But it is such a powerful, clear-headed book that it cannot help but leave readers of any age deeply uneasy about the world they inhabit.  This is the effect of all great sic fi, and I put FEED into that category.  It belongs on the shelf next to Flowers for Algernon, Fahrenheit 451, Neuromancer, and 1984.

What FEED gets right that even most of those other books don’t quite grasp is that the most important human technology is not rockets or computers, but marketing and advertising, once known by the more honest name of propaganda.  (more…)