Stanislaw Lem

Saturday Book Review: FIASCO by Stanislaw Lem

FIASCO by Stanislaw Lem

FIASCO by Stanislaw Lem

FIASCO is a science fiction novel with all the trimmings, but it is also a mind blowing work of literature.  It begins with a man alone inside a giant mechanized transport getting lost in a hostile alien forest, and unfolds into a ripping good first contact story, of cosmic proportions.

Along the way, you get an encyclopedia of weird environments, science fictional ideas, actual scientific knowledge, satire, philosophy, theology, history, game theory, and adventure.

You get all that because Lem was an irrepressibly enthusiastic genius, bursting with a desire to let his love of these subjects into the world.  Think of this book as a (mostly) benevolent Pandora’s Box.  Once you open it, there is no going back for you.  It’s one of those rare books that entertains you all the way to a slightly different view of yourself in relation to a suddenly bigger, weirder universe.