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Tea Review: Royal Coconut Oolong Pouchong

Flagging from a long, drizzly walk through some of the more haunted streets of Providence last weekend, I stopped in at Tealuxe, a cozy corner café near the Brown campus, with tall black cabinets stocked with rare tea and a staff with serious attitude towards the right temperature and steeping times.

A small pot of Royal Coconut Oolong Pouchong revived my spirits, spurred my imagination, and got me through the final fifty pages of Elevation, by Stephen King.

Despite being dark of leaf for an oolong, which usually means an acidic and heavy taste, this tea had a light, bright flavor brought out by the coconut. Hints of pineapple combined with the smoky flavor of the oolong to summon scents of a luau, or rows of fruit plants cultivated in lush jungle. This is characteristic of pouchong, apparently, which looks more oxidized than it is. So you get all the lightness of a greener oolong with all the floral notes of a darker one.

A new favorite, for sure. I have a package on its way to my in NYC.


Broad mouthed cup in a color to let you see the tea’s hue, slop bowl, precise steeping time, and en easily removable basket with the leaves. Bravo, Tealuxe.