Threadneedle street

From the annals of obscure literary delights: Threadneedle Street

I forget what I was looking up when I came across this entry in my old copy of Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable:

Threadneedle Street. The street in the city of LONDON leading from Bishopsgate to the BANK of England.  The name first appears as Three needle Street in 1598, and previously it seems to have been called Broad Street, forming part of the present Old Broad Street.  The name is usually said to derive from a signboard with three needles on it, or from the arms of the Needlemaker’s Company; but it may derive from the children’s game of thread-the-needle having been played there.”

The entry caught my eye because I have seen the sign for Threadneedle street in London and wondered where the name came from.  Ah, that the wide universe can contain such tiny wonders as Threadneedle street.  On a cold day this thought somehow warms me up.