Media Diet: The Hedgehog Review

This is what happens when you go on Arts & Letters Daily after midnight. You end up buying a year’s print subscription to the Hedgehog Review and some back issues, all because you read a great blog post there about the scarcity of time in the age of instant gratification.

I’m most looking forward to reading the issue about The End of History. Liberal democracies and the view of ourselves as the independent, free people that democracy depends on are under assault. The combined forces of technology, resource scarcity, terrorism, and the apparent strength of China’s model (free economy, unfree politics) are all seen as existential threats to the liberal order. The Economist, which was around at the birth of the liberal order, is taking a hard look at this problem. But so is Francis Fukuyama, whose book on The End of History helped spark this whole resurgence of the debate. His new book, Identity, on the rise of Trump, is also on my infinite to-read list.

Which brings me to another reason I subscribed to The Hedgehog Review. I’m also looking forward to another source of book reviews.

I’m acutely aware, every day, that I won’t get to read everything I want to before I die. So great, crisp reviews like the ones in these pages are a way of at least getting a cursory tour of all that knowledge.

See anything in the article titles that strikes your fancy?