voting rights


Are you a sexual, racial, or religious minority? Vote to keep the protections in place that recognize your right to safety and dignity.

Are you a conservative who feels that we’ve lost our minds as a society? Vote to keep a sane connection to decency, decorum, and the ideals of the past.

Are you a progressive who believes that we could be on the cusp of a more equal, happier society, free of the irrational restrictions of the past? Vote to take another step toward that future.

I don’t care what your ideology is, just vote. Just try to vote *for* what you believe, not just *against* what your own side tells you to fear.

And, at the risk of being shrill, I’ll say it’s worth remembering the number of people here and abroad who have endured or are enduring torture, harassment, and the threat of violence and even death, all because they assert that they have the right to decide how they are governed.

If you’re an American alive right now, you’re still enjoying the freedom, safety, and abundance that a society built on classically liberal principles provides. Things are looking pretty bad right now, but we still haven’t lost everything.

So go vote to make sure we don’t!