credit: Ben Zweig

Evan Leatherwood is the president and co-founder of Hirsch Leatherwood, a strategic communications firm.

He is also co-author of The World’s Your Stage (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads), the first ever management book for artists and entrepreneurs in the fine performing arts.

His writing has appeared in The Nation, The New York Daily News, USA Today, and The Catholic Herald, and online at Huffington Post Tech, Editor & Publisher, Variety, and The Columbia Journalism Review. He co-wrote the documentary The Media: Journalism in Crisis, which premiered on WNET, New York’s PBS station and America’s premier public media company.

At Fordham University, he served as a Slifka Fellow, Journalist-in-Residence, and Senior Associate Director for Communications at the Schwartz Center for Media, Public Policy, & Education. Before Fordham, he worked as a producer at WNET, New York Public Media, and in publishing at W. W. Norton & Company. He got his start in marketing and communications at GROUP SJR, where he was a managing editor and a managing director.

Evan grew up in California, Alabama, and New Mexico, and has a degree in English from Yale. For fun, he climbs rocks, reads science fiction and fantasy books, and studies medieval history. He lives in the Hudson Valley.

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